Frequently Asked Questions

  • Are you open at weekends?

    Yes, we are open for business 24/7/365.

  • Will I receive a printed/hard copy of my edited document?

    Printed copies will not be provided. We will return your proofread document via email.


  • When are you open for business?

    24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

  • How and when will my work be returned?

    After placing your order, the Editing Manager will assign your document to an experienced editor for review.

    The editor will highlight the suggested revisions and comments using the ‘Track Changes’ feature in MS Word. If a PDF is submitted, ‘Sticky Notes’ will be used to annotate the text.

    We return three documents:

    1. A ‘Tracked’ document with the editor’s suggested revisions highlighted using the ‘Track Changes’ feature in MS Word.
    2. A ‘Clean’ document with all changes implemented and the comments deleted.
    3. An Editor’s Summary Report.

    You can view sample edited documents on our website here.

  • How will I see the changes that the editor makes to my document?

    All amendments to your document made by the editor will be highlighted through the MS Word ‘Track Changes’ feature. We recommend that you review each change individually. However, we will also return a ‘clean’ version of your edited file that does not show any tracking/mark-up.

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