How We Proofread and Edit Documents

How we improve a document

  • Ensure correct grammar, punctuation and UK/US English spelling consistency
  • Develop academic tone and style
  • Broaden lexical choice and vocabulary
  • Improve sentence structure, syntax and paragraph structure
  • Reduce wordiness and redundancy/repetition
  • Work to any special requests/requirements, e.g. format guidelines such as APA, MLA, Chicago, etc.
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Ryan DVJ, BSc, MSc
12+ years exp · 96% satisfaction
  • MSc Instrumental & Analytical Chemistry
  • BSc Chemistry & Medicinal Chemistry
Dr Powell, PhD
10+ years exp · 97% satisfaction
  • Lecturer, Queen's University
  • PhD Biological Sciences
  • MMedSci Clinical Laboratory Medicine
Dr M Fincher
3+ years exp · 95% satisfaction
  • PhD English Literature
  • MA Narrative Theory & Practice
  • BA English Language
D. Rayburn, MA, BA
8+ years exp · 96% satisfaction
  • MA Political Philosophy
  • BA Politics, Philosophy & Economics
  • CELTS Certified

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