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Quality Proofreading offer professional dissertation proofreading and editing services for students and academics.

Our team has proofread and edited over 10,000 dissertations for clients from across the world.

By improving your written English, we can help you get a better result from your dissertation submission

Our dissertation editing service goes beyond improving your grammar, punctuation and spelling. Our editors will look to make improvements in areas such as syntax (sentence structuring), lexis, academic tone and cohesion of ideas.

ESL students – our editors can help

More than 80% of the dissertations and theses we edit each year are from English as a second language students.

Our editors are highly experienced in proofreading and editing the writing of ESL students to ensure that it meets the standards required by British and international universities.

Unlike many other companies, we do not add a surcharge – ESL speakers pay the same price as native speaking customers.

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Dissertation proofreading services you can trust

UK dissertation editors

All of our dissertation editors are native-speakers from the UK. They each hold advanced degrees from leading UK universities and have substantial experience in dissertation editing.

Efficient deadlines

We understand that deadlines are of critical importance to students, academics and businesses. We are open 24/7 – submit your document at any time of the day and rest assured we will meet out guaranteed turnaround times.

The Fairest Prices

Our prices are highly competitive and represent excellent value. Our base rates start from £12.90/€16/$18 per 1,000 words.


Easy & Secure Ordering

It is quick and simple to order our dissertation proofreading services. Simply upload your document, select your requirements and check out via PayPal, which is highly secure and accepts all debit/credit cards.

Experienced UK dissertation editors available 24/7

Ryan DVJ, BSc, MSc
12+ years exp · 96% satisfaction
  • MSc Instrumental & Analytical Chemistry
  • BSc Chemistry & Medicinal Chemistry
Dr Powell, PhD
10+ years exp · 97% satisfaction
  • Lecturer, Queen's University
  • PhD Biological Sciences
  • MMedSci Clinical Laboratory Medicine
Dr M Fincher
3+ years exp · 95% satisfaction
  • PhD English Literature
  • MA Narrative Theory & Practice
  • BA English Language
Dr Newell, PhD
20+ years exp · 96% satisfaction
  • DPhil (Oxon) Management
  • MSc (Oxon) Management
  • MA (Oxon) Jurisprudence

Quality proofreading and editing

How we will improve your dissertation

  • Ensure correct grammar, punctuation and UK/US English spelling consistency
  • Develop academic tone and style
  • Broaden lexical choice and vocabulary
  • Improve sentence structure, syntax and paragraph structure
  • Reduce wordiness and redundancy/repetition
  • Work to any special requests/requirements, e.g. format guidelines such as APA, MLA, Chicago, etc.
  • We do not offer content/substantive editing at this time. For that service, we suggest you try Cambridge Proofreading
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Client Testimonials

“A friend recommended this company to me and three of us from our course used the service. All of us were very pleased with the work that was done.” Naveed, Masters Student, University of Bristol
“ I have to say that they must be the best thesis proofreading service online. I tried free samples at two other companies first and Quality Proofreading were easily the best.” Maria, Masters Student, University of Glasgow
“A thorough review of my MSc dissertation in Electrical Engineering. They understood all of my technical language and made significant improvements to my English.” Bryan, MSc Student, Trinity College Dublin

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