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Our professional proofreading and editing service for students can help you improve your papers, essays, assignments and other documents.

We have improved over 5,000 essays, applications, dissertations and theses for our global client base in the last 12 months alone through our academic proofreading and editing service.

If you are reading this website it is likely you found us through a recommendation from a friend, colleague or fellow student. We rely on word-of-mouth for our business and we can do only do so by delivering a quality customer experience for our clients.

An in-depth review of your writing

Our editors all hold substantial experience in academia. As such, we truly know what professors are looking for in an essay, paper or other assignment.

Our highly experienced, native English speaking editors will carefully review your paper to ensure that it meets the language standards set by colleges and universities. We provide proofreading and in-depth language editing – not just a simple grammar and punctuation review.

We examine factors such as syntax, lexis, tone, structure and argument to ensure these critical areas are up to a high academic standard. You will receive a personal and tailored service with us. Your editor’s suggested amendments will be clearly highlighted in MS Word using the ‘Track Changes’ feature.

Comprehensive feedback will be provided on where improvements have been made. Moreover, suggestions and tips will be given to help you to develop your English writing skills. Support will be offered after returning your document in case you have any questions or revisions that you would like us to check.

ESL students – our editors can help

Over 70 per cent of our customers are speakers of English as a second language from all over the world.

If you are an ESL student, our editors have the expertise to give your document a thorough review to ensure your writing reads in a succinct and academic manner.

Writing in a second language is extremely challenging. However, writing outside of your mother tongue to a university standard is even harder. If you are worried about your English grammar and the structure of your sentences or you want to have your writing reviewed to ensure it reads in a confident academic style, our editors will be pleased to help.

Only the most qualified, experienced academic editors

Our stringent recruitment process ensures that we only hire academic editors with the highest levels of experience and expertise. This means that all of our editors have advanced qualifications, such as Masters/PhDs from leading British and American universities, and a track record in the academic publishing and editing industry.

  • A minimum of five years’ experience in an academic field in which they have published research.
  • Advanced qualifications from leading British and American universities.
  • Membership of industry bodies such as the Council of Science Editors, Society for Editors & Proofreaders, and others.
  • A track-record of proofreading and editing published academic manuscripts.
Your editor will have experience in your academic field/subject

Whilst it is not possible in every instance to guarantee to match your document with an expert in your specific area of research, you can be certain that your assigned editor will have a knowledge and experience in the wider discipline of your subject.

For example, if your topic was pre-20th Century American politics, we could not guarantee that we would be able to assign your document to an expert in early American politics. However, we would ensure that your work was assigned to an editor from the wider fields of politics and history. This ensures that they will have a good understanding of the subject’s style requirements and technical language.

The same example can be applied to any area of academia but is subject to editor availability.

Flexible and responsive customer service
From £12.90/€16/$18 per 1,000 words

We believe that when you are paying money for a service, it should be easy-to-order and everything should be taken care of for you. We are fast to respond to emails and flexible to accommodate requests from our clients.

Ordering our service could not be simpler: it takes less than three minutes to complete the process. Payments are taken via PayPal, which accepts all major credit/debit cards and does not require registration. PayPal is the leading online payment processor. We are also able to provide other options, such as UK/IBAN bank transfers upon request.

What Our Clients Say About Us

“Excellent service. I am very pleased with the comments of the editor. I will be sending you all of my papers this semester!” Amir, University of Nottingham
“Thank you for the proofreading you did on my assignment. I have gone through the changes and they are useful indeed. ” Lixiong, The University of Hong Kong
“This is by far the best value proofreading service I have encountered. I sincerely hope that you will keep up the good work when I start my masters degree next month!” Oskar, University of Leeds

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