Our Proofreading and Editing Process

The main areas in which our editing team will examine and improve your writing include:

Academic tone, lexis and vocabulary

Establishing an appropriate academic tone in your writing is essential for university assignments and research papers. Our editors can help ensure that this is achieved in your writing by analysing and editing your choices of lexis and making improvements to vocabulary where necessary.

Lexical choice and vocabulary

Lexis and use of vocabulary has a key influence on establishing an authoritative, confident tone in your writing. Where appropriate, our editors will make improvements to word choice and vocabulary to boost your writing’s credibility.

Consistency of verb tenses

Incorrect verb tenses are a common problem, particularly for ESL writers and can constrain the clarity and flow of writing. Our editors will make sure that your writing is free from incorrect tenses.

Wordiness and redundancy/repetition

Issues such as wordiness and redundancy can make a piece of writing seem “thin” and dilutes the impact of your ideas. If such flaws are present, our editors will address them.

Sentence structure, syntax and paragraph structure

Your assigned editor will rigorously review your sentence structure and syntax to improve the clarity and coherence of your writing.

They will fix any errors relating to paragraph structuring, such as length, unity, order of thoughts and transitions.

Grammar and punctuation flaws

Common mistakes that will be fixed include but are not limited to: missing articles, , run-on sentences, dangling participles, split infinitives, comma splices,  incorrect conjunctions, adverb placement, subject-verb agreement and pronoun agreement issues,  and finishing sentences with prepositions.

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