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Yes, our team of editors are familiar with a wide range of styles, such as APA, Chicago, MLA, OSCOLA, IEEE, among others. If you have specific guidelines from your university or journal, you can include them with the order as a reference for the editor.

Our preferred file format is Microsoft Word (DOC/DOCX), as the commenting and tracking features are the most comprehensive. PDF files: we can annotate using ‘Sticky Notes’ (comment boxes). LaTeX files: our usual method is to paste the source code in to an MS Word document. The editor will keep any formatting commands intact during the […]

We have subject experts in many but not all subjects. Please contacts us to check if we have an editor in your field. If you are looking for subject-specialist editing, try Cambridge Proofreading.

No, we do not offer this type of service.

Printed copies will not be provided. We will return your proofread document via email.  

Your document will be kept in the strict confidentiality. Only the Client Services Manager and your assigned editor will have access to it. After we have returned your proofread document to you, we will delete all copies from our system automatically after 21 days. Upon request, we can manually delete it immediately.  

24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Yes, we can annotate PDFs using ‘Sticky Notes’. However, where possible, we prefer MS Word documents as the tracking and commenting features are superior.

Go to: File > Save as > MS Word Document (DOC).

You can inform us of any style guidelines or other requests that you may have by noting these on the order form comment box or via email. Our editors are well versed in a variety of styles, such as APA, MLA, Harvard, Chicago, Oxford, and others.

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