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If you have ever submitted a paper for publication to an academic journal you will, no doubt, have wondered what happens to it once it arrives and how the staff at the journal make the decision whether or not to publish your work. In this article, we are going to explain the behind the scenes […]

Academic journals have exceptionally high standards with regards to the content, structure and formatting of manuscripts which all submissions are required to meet before they will be considered for publication. It is vital, therefore, that you check your manuscript thoroughly, prior to submission. To help, we have produced a checklist of things your submission should […]

Regardless of whether you are a copywriter, author, student or academic, the art of persuasive writing is an extremely valuable skill to learn. Here are eight tips for making your writing more persuasive: 1. Establish your expertise and credibility The first and most fundamental step to take in writing persuasively is to establish your expertise […]

Nominalization is the process of using a noun instead of a verb or adjective, or of turning a verb or adjective into a noun.  In A Corpus Driven Genre Analysis by Yasunori Nishina (2007), it was found that nominalisation and noun usage were a distinctive feature of academic text. An example of a verb-focused sentence […]

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